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Tim O’Reilly & Aneesh Chopra discussion at Gov 2.0 Expo 2010

We’d like to share another video highlight from the recent Gov 2.0 Expo 2010: a candid discussion between Tim O’Reilly and Federal Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Aneesh Chopra. Here, O’Reilly talks to Chopra mostly about healthcare (one of Chopra’s passions). Later, Chopra’s discussion of a nimble energy distribution through data sharing leads O’Reilly to ask an interesting question–resulting in an interesting answer–about privacy and the informed consent debate.

When Aneesh Chopra was appointed to be our country’s first Federal Chief Technology Officer, he was tasked with creating recommendations for building a more open government. The first phase of Chopra’s successful three-part experiment involved using IdeaScale for the collection of over 1000 ideas over two weeks. The video below is a brief excerpt from a talk in which Chopra explains that process.

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    Based in Oakland, California, John Basile is a regular contributor to the IdeaScale blog. He is also the founder and CEO of Scraster Professional Screencasting.

    New IdeaScale Feature: One-Click Section 508 Compliance

    Did you know that IdeaScale is proudly and completely Section 508 compliant? All aspects of government compliance are covered in IdeaScale, which gives many of our government accounts peace of mind in three main areas of concern: privacy, security, and accessibility.

    How does an IdeaScale moderator enable Section 508 compliance? It couldn’t possibly be simpler. From the Access Restrictions menu on the left nav, you’ll see a section called Government Compliance. By clicking on “Enable Government Compliance” and saving your settings, you’ll be 508 compliant in about three seconds. No kidding!

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  • Dan Munz: Crowdsourcing and the US Federal Goverment

    IdeaScale enjoyed its second Gov 2.0 Expo in Washington D.C. last week. For us, the highlight of this year’s event was a talk given by Dan Munz (Public Dialogue Specialist, Center for New Media and Citizen Engagement, U.S. General Services Administration) and Peter Levin (Senior Advisor to the Secretary & CTO, Department of Veterans Affairs) titled Encouraging Citizen Feedback and Employee Engagement: Two Case Studies. Dan Munz focued on civic engagement and how the GSA is fulfilling their mission. He gave very practical advice regarding how other agencies and state and local governments can engage and learn from citizens. Here’s a video of Dan’s presentation in its entirety:

    When the Cabinet-level Office of Management and Budget turned to the GSA for a government-wide, scalable, affordable solution for agencies that could be up and running fast, the GSA turned to IdeaScale. In this presentation, Munz mentions the following reason for his agency’s choice: IdeaScale was low cost (civic pricing), had a quick startup (SaaS), and IdeaScale was known to have government experience (Data.gov, FCC). Since government compliance is such a major component in the GSA’s choice of vendors, Munz also speaks kindly about IdeaScale’s exclusive 1-click Government Compliance.

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    D.C. comes to Seattle as Seattle goes to D.C.

    IdeaScale is gearing up for its second visit to the national Gov 2.0 Expo in Washington, DC next week. As Open Gov fills the news on a national scale, we were happy to see a story posted yesterday to Seattle Pacific University’s blog by writer Scott Gutierrez. Titled “King County ready for ‘Government 2.0’”, Gutierrez’s post reports that Seattle is making great strides to stay at the forefront of the national initiative.

    An ordinance passed in Seattle’s King County on Monday makes a huge amount of municipal data public to software developers or anyone who can use the data in a constructive way. It’s no surprise that developers in Seattle have taken the ball (or the data) and run with it.

    One example Gutierrez cites is OneBusAway, “a popular application for transit riders that uses Metro Transit data to show buses’ real-time arrival information from the Web or a Smartphone. University of Washington graduate students built the open-source application working with data provided by the transit agency. Some 20,000 riders now use the service.”

    King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn is quoted as saying that “this is a great example of how government can tap into the entrepreneurial spirit and the expertise we have in the region.” We at IdeaScale couldn’t agree more. IdeaScale is happy to be contributing to the OneBusAway project by the inclusion of our iPhone feedback widget.

    IdeaScale is looking forward to the Gov 2.0 Expo next week and will definitely be sharing our experience here on the blog. We hope you’ll join us for what should be another great week in the Capital.

    Read the full article King County ready for ‘Government 2.0’.

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